Synergies between companies, institutions, education centers and entrepreneurs.




Nanoscience, microand nano technologies are the catalysts for a qualitative and quantitative change in the industry, one that will bring us new products and processes that we can hardly imagine today.

Aware that it’s time to bet on the future, the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government promotes, with its nanoBasque Strategy, the incorporation of microand nanotechnologies in Basque companies, to improve competitiveness in the main sectors of economic activity and promote the diversification of our industrial fabric.



In 2000, the Basque Government advocated for a decisive push to the Basque economy to adapt to an everchanging and ever more competitive world, making a strategic wager for new strategic sectors based on knowledge and innovation. The result of this reflection was the first strategy specifically created for the development of biosciences in Spain: the BioBasque Strategy.

BioBasque 2010 was launched with a global approach and activities structured in three areas: knowledge generation, business development, and revitalization of the biocluster, aimed ultimately toward the diversification and creation of a new business sector.

The gradual development of the strategy was the beginning of a great change, as much in the scientifictechnological landscape as in the business worl